SUMBA ISLAND – Weekuri Lake

Sumba – Weekuri Lake 4 ha.

Land:   Cliff with a ocean and lake view.
Distance from the airport:  55min
Land size in Ha: 4 ha
Shape of the land:   200 m x 200 m
Land title: hak melik Certificte
Access: Directely
Activity: eco-tourism, fishing
Sunset/sunrise point: Sunset point

Weekuri lake – it’s a absolutely magic place. One of the eco miracle. You cannot find another one the same all around the world.  Here you can see a salty lake with a blue and green color and with alive corals inside. At the same moment you can see an ocean view also. The exclusive tourist place Mandorak homestay it’s also nearby. Weekuri located in the very south west point and you can watch a sunset here. It will takes you 1 hour by car only from airport Tambolaka. Location has a good form and it makes possible to build an eco-resort or private complex of villas here.

Ref.: 112

Freehold area 4 ha

Price: On request

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